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About Us

Immigrant Software Corp.

Immigrant Software Corp. has been providing electronic forms processing to the immigration community for 20 years with Immigrant Professional. We have the experience and the knowledge to provide you with the best available. Our software was first released in 1993, and today is is used on thousands of desktops around the world. Our flagship product has proven itself to continuously meet the needs of our clients. Every employee at Immigrant Software is dedicated to bringing you the best products and best service that we possibly can. We believe in a relaxed working environment, yet we stay focused on our customers.

Support Bio

We listen to our users and are constantly incorporating their suggestions into our product so it can continue to provide the most relavent and valuable services to our clients. Our goal as support engineers is to make sure that our customer are satisfied with the support that they recieve. We appreciate feedback on how we are doing and will often solicit a response from you. A very satisified customer is our goal.

Our History

Immigrant Software started software for immigration forms in 1983, under the company name Certified Software. We were the first to automate immigration forms and the first to bring you laser generated forms. Our products were Immigrant, Immigrant I and Immigrant II.  We then evolved into Immigrant Software Corp. in 1989 and introduced the first Windows based immigration software in 1990-1993. Adoption to a Windows based platform was slow. Along the journey we have partnered with various companies to bring you more and better features. We partnered with Federal Publications in 1995 (a great company) to bring you search features. They were acquired by West around 1998 and they inherited the contract.

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